The Place of History in the New Time

History, they say, is that the propaganda of the victor. And rightly so, if what obtains now are going to be used as a yardstick for historical analysis. For History because it is written today may be a product of either one story or an emergence of a winner within the contest among multiple stories. Dictators are conscious of this, and thus, within the olden days, every ruler features a historian in his employ to inform his or her own story. it's still in practice today.

The real meaning of the word is contained within the word itself, which boils right down to shortening of two words- His Story. what percentage times have regimes falsified history to place themselves within the limelight? Can we actually falsify history? If history is falsified, then in actual sense, it doesn't tell His Story but is quite a bit of propaganda. that's why Africans are suffering today due to the ills of one story. And history sees Hitler regime as a callous one, while revisionists try to bring a balance to the history spearheaded by the ultimate victors of the second war .

Based on this premise, will it ever be possible to possess a completely accurate record of public events without distortion? the solution may be a definite yes. But even at that, the story is additionally hooked in to the personality of the teller.

This type of history entails telling the story by watching the precise unedited video of events as they unfold. It involves those with heightened "mediumistic" abilities.To explain this further, a word must be said about the activities of mediums. These people are what are often referred as open portals through which higher radiations reach the environment . Hence a medium, in ideal cases, simply opens himself as a channel. they will only see things consistent with their spiritual maturity. By Spiritual maturity is supposed that a medium cannot see beyond the plane of Ether he may find yourself in when he passes on. Some mediums can see only astral things while others see ethereal things. Only a particularly few can see spiritual things. Some see only things within the lower and darker regions, as are often seen in most African medicine men, or higher ethereal, because the activities of some so-called super-mediums of the western worlds, for instance , are often described. Their seeing is premised on the very fact that the majority things that happen on earth happen within the beyond first before they happens on earth. The time lapse before its manifestation depends on how high the action is recorded. Sometimes what's seen may manifest in weakened form physically.

But future historians are going to be mediums who can cull events that has already happened and watch and record it, like transcribing a video camera. an equivalent thing can then be viewed by them either within the astral or within the planes of ether, which is really watching an equivalent thing from different perspectives. Thus what's happening now are going to be read in future by this sort of history instead of intellectual propaganda of the victor.

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