British Blue Cheeses

Not everyone likes blue-veined cheese, probably because it's a robust flavour. Personally i really like it, although my favourite may be a creamy Dolcelatte made in Italy. I've noticed that the Italians keep the simplest of their dairy produce for themselves. So you haven't tasted the simplest Italian cheeses unless you have been to Italy.

Let's consider British blue cheeses though, after all, they're what this text is about.

The most well-known bleu in Britain is stilton and in fact , there's a white stilton cheese too. Stilton cheeses have a Certification Trade Mark and that they can only be made within the English counties of Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire. it's never been produced within the town of Stilton, which is in Cambridgeshire. the simplest blue stilton should be crumbly, not hard.

Other famous British blue cheeses are Wensleydale, Shropshire blue, and Cheshire blue. However, there are more that are produced everywhere the united kingdom . they will be made up of cows milk, ewe's milk or goats milk. Dovedale is formed with cow's milk, while Harbourne blue is formed with goat's milk. one among the cheeses made up of ewe's milk is that the Scottish cheese, Lanark Blue.

One of the Welsh blue cheeses is Perl Las (Blue Pearl in English), which won the trophy in 2015 at the planet Cheese Awards. this is often a special bleu which is handmade with sea salt rubbed into its rind, instead of it being placed in brine like numerous other cheeses. it's a light taste, so maybe even those that profess to not like bleu would really like it. It's made with cow's milk.

Dovedale blue is produced only using cow's milk from the counties of Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire. There's also Dovedale Blue and Black cheese, with the black coming from the inclusion of cracked black peppercorns.

Dorset Blue Vinney wont to be made altogether Dorset farmhouses before the Second war . Production began again on Woodbridge Farm, Dorset, in 1980. It's made to a recipe that's quite 300 years old. The family that owns the farm are producing Blue Vinney for quite 40 years.

Some blue cheeses have imaginative names, like Blissful Buffalo, made up of ewe and buffalo milk. Then there's cry , a cheese from Scotland, made up of cow's milk. that's made by Alex James a former member of the united kingdom band Blur.

There are many other British blue cheeses to sample, although you'll need to get them organized online.

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