The Wheel of Destiny

Are we the merchandise of our actions, or do the dictates of destiny control us? can we get everything by effort, or does fate have a special story to tell? Read on.

PK Mahanandia, an artist from Delhi, was sketching portraits of individuals for a modest fee. Along came Charlotte Von Schedvin, intrigued by the claims of a gentleman with ruffled hair, and dark mustache, that he could sketch in 10 minutes.

Flashback years ago: Little Mahanandia from Orissa, India, was told by his mother that he would marry a woman from Royalty, from a faraway land, the possessor of a musical ear, and therefore the owner of a forest. She would belong to the Sun Sign Taurus.

Present Era 1975 A.D., New Delhi: Charlotte wasn't pleased with the rendition of the portrait. She came back each day later, but wasn't satisfied. Offhand Mahanandia asked her if she owned a forest, and if she was a Taurean. She replied within the affirmative.

She had come from Sweden to India along the Hippie trail of the 70's, running across Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. She, along side Mahanandia, visited the Sun Temple in Konark, which has the famous giant stone wheel. Charlette exclaimed in surprise, that she had an identical miniature version of the wheel, back range in Sweden.

He promised her that he would come to Sweden, but being an artist of modest means, he bought a bicycle. From thereon, started his journey of affection , on his bicycle, along the hippie-trail across the varied countries that Charlette traversed. He worked as an artist drawing portraits for people, who shared money, food, and shelter with him. Those days, within the 70's, one didn't need a visa to travel across many of those countries.

Afghanistan, a landlocked country surrounded by mountains, was a peace-loving country, with a taste for music, art, and culture. He would traverse 70 kilometers (approximately 40 miles every day)on his bicycle till his legs hurt. He finally reached Germany, and from there, took the train to succeed in his destination in Sweden.

Charlotte helped him recover from the cultural shock he experienced in Sweden, was accepted by her parents, and he married her, all for love-that love, as per him, had not diminished since 1975, when the now 64-year-old gentleman got married to Charlotte. they need two children; her piano continues to play the tune of eternal love. they need their forest; he continues to sketch, and that they live happily ever after.

So returning to the question, are we the merchandise of our actions, or do the dictates of destiny control us? Maybe both- Little Mahanandia being told of his musical Princess, the owner of a forest, and believing it, Charlotte concerning the miniature version stone wheel of the Sun Temple of Konark, as a part of her collection, and therefore the coming together of the 2 individuals in Delhi.

However, without his action of cycling across countries, would they need got married? Who knows? Who can explain the inexplicable? it had been all only for love.

The piano plays on; the forest continues to burst into bloom; the sketches become life, and therefore the Wheel of Destiny weaves its tapestry within the country, neighboring what, they call, the land of the atmospheric phenomenon .

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