Steps to Use Google Sheets As an Amazon Price Tracker

Prices of various items might keep changing everyday on Amazon. With the assistance of 1 Google Spreadsheet, you'll be ready to keep a track of those price changes together with your email. All one must do is add the links of the concerned products within the Google Spreadsheet and set it up and you're done. allow us to check out the steps below-

Generating Access Keys of Amazon- check in to your Amazon Associates account. then , choose the merchandise Advertising API from the Tools sink menu. From there, under the Add Credentials section, choose the Manage Your Credentials option. From there, you will see that Amazon has generated a secret key and an access ID key.

Copying Your Price Tracker Spreadsheet on Your Google Account- Remember to stay the layout of the spreadsheet same because if you modify it now, it'd break the worth tracker. After the tracker is uploaded, put up the Amazon link of your product within the Column labelled as A. The Amazon link contains the ten digit ASIN code that Google uses to watch the changes in price of that specific product. One also can see that the Google spreadsheet which can be wont to track the costs also will list other useful details associated with the merchandise like name of the merchant, details on shipping prices, overall product rank, etc.

Setting Price Limits- this is often an optional step. Here, within the price tracker, you'll also found out price limits, meaning that whenever a particular discount on the merchandise is obtainable , or whenever the merchandise reaches a particular price, you'll get a notification via your email. This way, you'll get a quicker hand on the merchandise , before anyone else. to try to to this step, simply attend column B and specific the share or price you would like to specify.

Configuration of Amazon Price Tracker- Inside the Google spreadsheets, you'll got to attend the menu of the Amazon Price Tracker, and from there you'll got to choose configure. it'd come to the present that you simply will got to authorize the Amazon Price tracker script after so on connect it with the Amazon API and for pending email alerts. After clicking on configure, simply enter your Amazon Access ID key, your secret key and your Amazon email ID, after which you'll start receiving email notifications everyday about the products which you've put within the price tracker. To conclude, the Amazon price tracker may be a very useful gizmo because it also can track the worth changes of Kindle eBooks and help keep track of costs of products on country specific Amazon websites like,,, etc. This makes it a particularly useful product indeed.

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