MOOC-Massive Open Online Course - The Future Is Here!

Massive open online course or referred to as MOOC is now the trend in providing education, not only to young students but also to our not-so-young people around. to supply you with information, I even have here an interview with one mooc camp leader within the Philippines, none aside from Ms Alyanna Mae Lazaro Capiral!

As a mooc camp leader, what are the challenges one has got to encounter personally and managerially?
At first, it had been quite difficult to be leader of teachers as these teachers have their own personalities and careers already but after few courses, it had been a breeze already. Managerially, there's one member who became angry at me because she could suits one requirement which may be a 1-video rather than attending a General meet in one among the past courses. Financial aspect is challenge also , as I had been doing things for my camp for free of charge example I had to put order and claim orders of MOOC T-Shirts in Quezon City or Manila--- the "transpo" cost and energy especially the supplier most of the time doesn't follow the agreed time for devour and that i had to attend for hours.
How did you ace out those challenges? And what learning experiences been, so far, gotten from such?
I just try my best to manage the camp and be professional, sympathetic, and motivating to my members. I improved tons when it involves social skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills.

How long have you ever ever been moocing? What are the courses have you haunted so far?
I started MOOCing last July 2018. I took up the subsequent courses:

English for Career Development, Moving the Margins: Fiction and Inclusion, Professional Development for Teacher-Trainers, English for Media Literacy, Content-Based Instruction, and Teaching Grammar Communicatively.

In managing a camp, what are qualities one must have so as to make sure high turnout of completers?
It is not actually more on the camp leader but more on the camp members whether or not they actually need to end the course or not. With my experience, those that are self-motivated and aren't only after the certificate but more on the particular learning and professional growth finish the course.

Maybe for qualities, a MOOC camp leader should be passionate and a real-doer which suggests they need to see that you simply adore MOOCing, and helping others also .

In case of conflicting schedules between you and group or among them, how does one handle loafers and half-baked attitudes of some, if there has been any?
Like I said in no 1 , there was one MOOCer who really gave me a tough time due to her attitude. for a few members, I usually plan ahead and ask them when would be the simplest time to conduct the overall meet and therefore the outreach. I suggest a selected date and time, then we'll agree. Attitude wise, I removed MOOCers in our group chat if they are doing not answer my queries or acknowledge my announcements aft every week of "seeing" those. I even tag them in group chats to form sure they read the pieces of data .

In hindsight, has there been any instances of non-completers? and the way did you handle the situation?
My camp is really composed of individuals from different schools and areas in Bulacan. There are non-completers but that might be around 20 percent from those that signified to enroll. they're usually I what call "referral-strangers" which mean nobody knows them personally from my group and truly just joined due to the Facebook page MOOC Camp PH. If personally, i do know you or we've a standard friend, i will be able to attempt to assist you in addressing your concerns especially within the mid-weeks of the course, by second week usually I even have a thought who will finish the course or not, then i will be able to just confirm it before the outreach.

Professionally -wise, how has the mooc journey been to you? Elaborate.
Professionally, I met research enthusiasts like myself. they need been my inspiration to assist others in becoming better teachers. Most of the leaders in our group hold important positions in their provinces or schools. Also, most folks are completing our Masteral degrees if not they need their Doctoral degree already. That's how competent the MOOC leaders are. I had been invited to guage university-based contests, and to conduct talk/s to a number of the faculties of my members. due to our MOOC father---Professor Mabuan who shared the decision for papers for a world research conference in Taiwan, i used to be ready to submit a search abstract entitled "A Morphological and Syntantic Analysis of Gen. Z words as employed by Filipino Students" and fortunately the said paper was accepted within the conference. i used to be ready to share too my paper on the way to Contextualize Post Modernism in SHS class which I presented at Philippine Normal University during the National Conference in Literature last October 2018 to a much bigger group which was about 150-200 participants during one among the MOOC outreach. quite professionally, I gained friends and family in MOOC Camp PH.

Aside from moocing, what are other belongings you are busy with?
I am busy with my thesis in my Master's of Arts in Education in Literature. i'm teaching Purposive Communication subject within the Tertiary level. I also organize events for Young Living-Philippines under Mayo Makemasters team which promotes healthier toxin free lifestyle through the help of Essential Oils and other products. i'm busy trying to find more academic conference hahaha! i'm busy planning my travels and travelling also .

Would you recommend moocing to people around?
Yes! But only to people that are very wanting to learn. MOOCing isn't for everybody because it requires dedication, time, and love for learning and love for others. It follows my Alma Matter's motto "Truth, Service and Excellence" which is extremely PNU.

10. One word to explain Alyanna Mae Lazaro Capiral.


True, indeed.

So there you've got it. Straightforward and honest sharing of her experiences as a moocer plus being a mooc camp leader herself. Thank you, Miss Alyanna!

Ma. Alyanna Mae L. Capiral, LPT finished a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of education in Literature at Philippine Normal University. She may be a thesis candidate for Master of Arts in Education degree in Literature from an equivalent university. Moreover, she pursued Certificate courses sponsored by the US Department of State.

Since 2015, she is affliated with Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila as part-time Lecturer of school of Humanities, Arts and science where she handled other responsibilities like textbook evaluator, thesis adviser and editor. Also, she presented papers in local and international conferences.

She has been teaching different subjects in senior high school School since its initial implementation. She is Massive Online Open Course for Camp Bulacan leader under the Regional English Office-Manila.

She may be a simple lady with humble beginnings from Obando, Bulacan.

The author may be a mentor of teachers in elementary grades within the Philippines. A moocer and camp leader at an equivalent time, under MOOC Camp PH.

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