Lawyerizing Imagineering

In 1967, The Disney Corporation filed a copyright for a term that combined the word imagination with engineering. At some extra point they received the copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office, they used the word and its meaning in their animation business. Then, Disney filed and received a trademark on the term from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. The Disney Corporation owns the term, and once they use it, you'll often see the registration symbol ® behind it.

The term, coined before the Disney Corporation existed, traces back to the 1940's. Disney attorneys successfully "lawyerized the term." during this article, i exploit the terms "lawyerize" and "lawyerizing," which I found listed within the online Urban Dictionary as trending new terms. I didn't conceive those terms, but they pair well with the purpose that I make about how a thought , a reality, and even a word are often protected albeit somebody else conceived those things. In other words, when your "magic happens," you'll not own the concept, the truth , or maybe the terminology. By the way, by placing magic within the Magic Kingdom®, Disney created another lawyerized trademark.

Magic means something mysterious happened. We don't skills it happened. We all enjoy the truth of Walt Disney's vision for producing and providing public entertainment. Visit their parks, view their films, experience Disney magic for fun, and particularly do this for your young children. But, don't mess with Disney copyrighted and trademarked stuff. the facility of lawyerizing protects their entertainment, art, engineering, and property . The Disney Corporation has copyrighted and trademarked many terms related to their creations.

In the article, I wanted to speak about the intriguing concept of dreaming up a thought then applying technical innovation thereto , in order that a fantasy might become reality. that's so cool! But, as I researched the concept, I felt drinking water course through my veins. Apparently, those that play with those subjects run a risk of meeting the attorneys who have learned to lawyerize magic. #TAG1writer

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