How to Check Your PNR Status

As far because the transport cares , trains are the foremost common mode. Of course, there are some better alternatives but most of the people just can't afford them. Trains are considered inexpensive and effective means of transport.

Check Your PNR status

If you're getting to pass by train, we propose that you simply keep an eye fixed on your PNR status. The status may change as some confirmed tickets are cancelled.

You need to see your status over and once again before the large day, especially if your ticket status remains "waiting" or "RAC". In most cases, the "RAC" status changes to "confirmed" briefly order, but "Waiting" status may take a touch longer to vary . At times, it happens that a ticket doesn't get confirmed in the least .


Although you'll attend official website of Railways to see the status, know that the method is slow. Another problem is that you simply can only check the status if you booked your ticket through their official site, not the third party sites.

So, it's better to seem for a convenient alternative. There are many third party sites which will assist you check your ticket status. All you would like to try to to is provide your PNR number. during a moment or two, your status are going to be shown.

What is a PNR status?

The majority of residents are conversant in PNR. But there are often some passengers who might not be conversant in the term. this might be a foreigner who could also be on a tour. So, if you're a foreigner, we will assist you understand the term better.

In case you do not know, the term PNR is brief for "Passenger Name Record". Primarily, this number is stored within the Railways database along side other information, like the age, name and therefore the number of passengers who are getting to travel.

In layman's terms, as soon as you've got booked a ticket, you'll be assigned a 10-digit number which will be stored within the database directly . it'll contain another information about you also . supported the amount of passengers confirmed, this status can change. Therefore, it is vital to see the status several times to make sure your seat has been confirmed.

The number will contain tons of details about you, like your train name, time of travel, date, gender then on. Your privacy won't be compromised, though. albeit you employ some third-party app or website, your personal information won't be compromised. albeit someone gets access to your PNR number, they will only check your status, nothing else. Your important details, like your name and address won't be shown either.

Apart from your ticket status, nothing else including your gender, age or travel destination are going to be shared.

In short, if you're getting to pass by train, we propose that you simply use an honest third-party website to see the status of your ticket. It's better if you simply use those sites that have good ratings.

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