E7 Cowin Review - The Noise Cancelling Does A Nice Job!

When it involves headphones, I'm sure many of you'd know that companies like Sony dominates the headphones market with expensive prices. However, we aren't getting to mention Sony during this article, consider other more decent brand with reasonable price. Cowin E7, a comparatively new professional manufacturer of speakers from Cowin Electronics in Guangdong, China. At the time of writing, the professional manufacturer of speakers was established 13 years ago in 2006. Ever since, this brand has skyrocketed in sales, becoming one among the highest 5 most sold headphones at Amazon with quite 7,000 highly positive customer reviews. So, allow us to check out the key features that made this noise cancelling headphone attractive.

Noise Cancellation

In this day and age, we sleep in a vibrant environment, filled with polluted sounds which could cause you to seek some relaxation or to possess some focus taking note of your favourite songs. Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling feature does a pleasant job to muffle a mower, vacuum or grinder and will even mute the plane noise in its entirety. Sometimes the noise cancellation feature might be too loose which crackles as a results of excessive movements.

Sound Quality

How important it's to possess clear communications lately . That goes for wearing the Cowin E7 headphones with top quality sounds and powered by 20Hz to 20kHz frequencies. The sound quality remains clear, crisp and straightforward to concentrate to from rock bottom to the very best volume setting. Bearing in mind that setting your headphones to the very best volume could end in extremely loud sound counting on which song you're taking note of . Also, make certain to possess the proper audio system setting to minimise scratchy sounds on your PC.

Battery Life

Having headphones with long-lasting battery life is crucial to taking note of your favourite music, podcast or playing games for hours. The Cowin E7 includes lithium battery with 30 hours playtime to permit you to relax and luxuriate in the sounds. you'll even spend like 6 to 7 hours taking note of your favourite songs and that is like spending the whole day travelling on planes and in airports while the battery life remains in fitness .


The speed of Bluetooth connection and distance coverage is important for any headphones. Cowin E7 provided just that, covering further than 80'of the space and lightning fast connection. As a result, you'll experience no static, dropouts and interference in your headphone sounds. Before usage, just confirm that your wireless connection is stable to realize the simplest result. The headphones also accompany wired connection as an alternate .

Great Price and Support

Last but not least, also because the headphones being comfort equipped with soft earcup and padded headband. Cowin E7 price is cheap and affordable for many of consumers. you're covered with an 18-month warranty and that they are quick to response on any headphone issues that you simply may experience during the primary 18-month. that provides extra security that the majority folks headphone lovers would want.

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