Chess With Scotch: The Punjabi Way

Chess may be a popular game of skill and intellect. In Punjab, the Punjabi's have modified the sport to include their love permanently whiskey and rum.

Modifying Chess

Playing Chess is popular everywhere the planet . Its an ancient game and mention of this game is found within the Mahabharata, which was written in about 5000BC. The Greeks also played chess and by all accounts, it had been a well-liked game.

The game has not changed much over the last 7000 years, apart from the addition of some rules and regulations. the sport for long was the preserve of Royalty and therefore the elite, but now its played by all and varied .

The game is played on a chessboard and consists of a complete of 32 pieces referred to as soldiers and knights. It also features a king and queen and therefore the game involves making an idea to checkmate the king. Anyone who checkmates the king is that the winner.

I have been playing chess for ages. Earlier I wont to play as a toddler with my maternal grandfather. the sport has however been given a welcome twist by the Punjabi's. they're robust people with a penchant for the great life including good whiskey. The chessboard has been transformed by some robust and energetic people from Punjab with various reminder Scotch replacing the normal players on a chessboard

Playing Chess the Punjabi way

On my visit to my village in Punjab near Hoshiarpur, I often play this "Whiskey Chess" because it is popularly called. The players on the chessboard are replaced by delicate glasses containing Scotch . the pawns or soldiers are replaced by glasses containing ordinary scotch like 100 Pipers, Vat 69, Old Smuggler or similar brands.

The warriors like Knights and Horse and chateau are represented by glasses containing good whiskey like Johnny Walker Black Label, Chivas Regal, etc. The king and queen have glasses crammed with a peg of rare scotch like Royal Salute.

The game is played the traditional way with the exception that when any player wins an opponent he gets the prospect to gulp the scotch peg. The winner who checkmates the king is awarded with the rare scotch. it is a wonderful game and not for anyone with a weak disposition. i will be able to say its a true macho game and therefore the host also will keep furnished with an endless quantity of Chicken and meat kebabs.

Its great fun and one must play it to relish the flavour of " Punjabi Chess". I for one like it and whenever i'm going to my village in Punjab at Hoshiarpur I make it some extent to play Punjabi Chess with my friends. i do not think even Omar Khayyam can better THIS!

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