Are You Ready to Start Generating More Leads - NOW?

Of course, you are, who isn't?
You've developed a program which will change lives. Networking online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) is great and can assist you build your tribe. But ultimately you would like their contact information - you would like their email address. It's becoming a challenge. Years ago collecting emails was easy, because your followers signed up for newsletters delivered to their inbox regularly. Now, your newsletters are posted on blogs or Facebook; your leads not got to "sign up," and lists are dwindling.

And here's the scary thought, and what we tell clients all the time - what if Facebook went away tomorrow? Would you've got the contact information of all of your followers?

Small business owners are using lead magnets to gather contact information to create their email list. This lead magnet must be a suggestion so compelling that an opportunity would offer their contact information to receive it. the large challenge is providing the proper information, at the proper time, within the right thanks to attract as many leads as possible.

Most entrepreneurs struggle with an excessive amount of information syndrome, after all, they're experts in their field! But, they begin creating a whitepaper or tips sheet - and what should be a few of pages turns into 20 pages, providing "too much" rather than "just enough."

But how does one know when to tug back?

The answer - you would like to realize the right balance of only enough information while leaving your prospect wanting more in order that they reach out, or at the very least, they stay subscribed to your list.

Let's take a webinar as an example, here's what we'd recommend:

Your ideal webinar length would be one hour, with no time for questions (so practicing your timing and having a script is essential). A webinar is useful because you'll show visuals (such as your contact information or client testimonials), versus a call that's voice only.
Develop an agenda that has a quick introduction about who you're , why you're hooked in to what you are doing .
Base the tone of your agenda around your ideal client (what are they feeling immediately , how will they feel after working with you?) -> If you would like help with this, we've a worksheet we will share, you'll request it just by email us at
Take one element of your agenda and do a very deep dive into the content. the remainder of your unique offering should be mentioned, but not discussed as in-depth. to urge this, they have to figure with YOU!
Don't leave time for questions, instead offer opportunities for brief consults. you would like to start out qualifying this leads
We understand that not everyone feels comfortable ahead of a camera (I happen to be one among them!), but an equivalent process are often followed to tug together a white book , or top 10 tips sheet.
Curious to find out more about lead magnets? Download your copy here, then check back next week once we talk a touch bit about how better understanding your target market, helps you create the proper lead magnet!

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