5 Reasons to Install an Automated Optical Inspection

In the production process, the importance of electronic board inspection cannot be denied. In fact, it is the final step within the inspection process before the products are offered to the purchasers . Fortunately, we've automated optical inspection machines lately . The role of those machines is to examine a panel of boards and notify the operator of the detected errors. Let's consider some solid reasons to use AOIs for businesses.

1. Inspection Speed

The first greatest advantage of these machines is that they're quite fast. they will do an hour of labor during a jiffy . then the operator can take a couple of more minutes to validate the errors. So, inspection speed is one among the foremost prominent benefits of those devices. In fact, speed is paramount if you would like to remain before the competition within the industry. Your business depends thereon .

2. Inspection Accuracy

Apart from the fast speed, precision is another great feature of those machines. An experienced operator operates the unit and detects the littlest defects within the products. After all, catching the defects and fixing them is that the most vital aspect of accuracy.

3. Quick Catches

Another great feature of those machines is that they permit you to catch the errors quickly. With an optical inspection unit, the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) offers great support. While the unit detects errors, the operator can inform the SMT line in order that the errors might be fixed as soon as possible.

As a result, you'll enjoy an awesome first-pass-yield. Plus, you will not need to spend tons of your time on rework either.

4. Inspection Consistency

It are often difficult to stay consistent while visual inspections are ongoing . Although an experienced inspector can use a fast process for all the boards, there's tons of human error involved within the process.

With an AOI unit, it is vital to notice that the captured images are within the same place. Therefore, the camera will inspect all the parts within the line. It offers a way better consistency than a person can. the rationale is that humans get tired but machines don't.

5. Less Strain

Lastly, it is vital to stay in mind that an AOI machine can assist you prevent tons of stress. In fact, it lifts tons of burden off the whole process. During the inspection process, quick catches can allow an efficient movement of the products. Since there aren't too many errors, inspectors find it easier to catch errors and report them. Since they do not have an excessive amount of work to handle, they do not suffer from exhaustion, which is another great benefit.

Long story short, you'll want to stay in mind that visual inspection machines offer tons of advantages . a number of the most benefits are listed above. However, they need their shortcomings also . But it's great to possess these machines in your facility as they will reduce errors and make the whole process less stressful for the unit. Hope this helps.

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